ISS Real-Time Tracker 3D tracks and spots ISS, Tiangong, and Hubble Space Telescope


ISS Real-Time Tracker 3D is a unique, beautiful, and highly popular space station spotting and tracking app for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch*, and Mac**.

ISS Real-Time Tracker 3D tracks and predicts flyover passes for the three most significant artificial objects in Earth Orbit.


The app tracks and predicts passes for the following:

  • International Space Station
  • Tiangong space station
  • Hubble Space Telescope

Get flyover pass predictions and detailed viewing data for up to the next 30 days. Then, set alerts in your calendar with one tap so you'll never miss a flyover. The passes table provides all the information you need to spot the station, along with ratings to help you select the best passes to view.


The app locates and tracks the International Space Station, Tiangong (Chinese space station), and the Hubble Space Telescope in 3D and real-time on a beautiful photorealistic 3D model of the Earth and the ISS on an animated interactive map of Earth with a ground track overlay.


The interactive 3D globe is fun to explore and educational, too.


3D Features

  • Real-time ISS position
  • Real-time Tiangong position
  • Real-time Hubble position
  • Orbital tracks
  • Viewing ranges (footprints)
  • Tilt of the Earth (obliquity)
  • Day/night (terminator)
  • Topography (e.q., mountains)
  • Subsolar point
  • Solar reflections
  • Seasons
  • Globe autorotation enable/disable
  • User-selectable backgrounds
  • Reset view

ISS Real-Time Tracker 3D does even more. Learn about the current crewmembers for both the ISS and Tiangong space stations. Get their bios and stats, including their launch dates, time in space, detailed biographies, and more. You can even Tweet any of the crewmembers.


Watch live NASA TV programming right in the app. View live HD video of the Earth beamed down from the International Space Station.


ISS Real-Time Tracker 3D is the only mobile app that gives you all of these features and outstanding capabilities.


Over 120,000 downloads to date.

mobile screens

Companion app for Apple Watch is now included.


Apple Watch App Features

  • All 3D features of iOS/iPad OS apps
  • Interactive 3D globe
  • Zoom in/out, rotate, tilt, move using gestures
  • Real-time tracking
  • Detailed real-time position data
  • Subsolar point coordinates
  • Complications
watch screens

*iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch require iOS 16.0+, iPadOS 16.0+, watchOS 9.0+, respectively.

**Mac requires Apple silicon and MacOS 13.0+



❝ Having used various other ISS trackers over the years, that have since been left behind due to the lack of development, it’s been great seeing the attention that’s gone into this one. Clean, easy to use UI, which doesn’t take long to navigate your way through all of the different options. I love the fact there’s a complimentary Apple Watch App too, which makes looking out for passes really easy! Good work, thank you!❞


❝ Absolutely a brilliant app. We're having a run of about 10 days with the ISS overhead. This app gives you good details of what time and what direction it will be traveling. 10/10❞


❝ Very nice update. New icons for the Apple Watch app, the globe looks good on iPhone and iPad, and the James Webb background is spectacular. In my opinion, still by far the best of the ISS apps!❞


❝ This app offers as much hard information about the ISS and two other orbiting bodies as anyone could want, presented in a logical and easy to use manner. The watch app works perfectly on my old Watch 5, and the iPhone version is a pleasure to use scientifically and also visually. Tech support is immediate, personal, and efficient. Among my many, many apps this one is at the very top. Five stars for sure!❞


❝ The most beautiful App I have downloaded.❞


❝ My Fave! I like that I get the specifics of where it will come up and which direction it will be heading. I also do the 'spotthestation' notifications, but this app gives me more potential sightings. There is a lot of other information on here too.❞


❝ Just bought this app and would like to say a massive thank you, it's an amazing app and very interesting.❞


❝ Absolutely fantastic! I’ve followed the ISS for many years now. This app is by far the most accurate and a pleasure to use.❞


❝ Excellent Application. The new version with the globe is magnificent! Thanks to the designers.❞


❝ A lot of details. Thanks to the developer. Great attention to detail. It's fun to play with the app. Keep it up.❞


❝ Useful and fun App. Great app to track the whereabouts of the ISS at any time. Fun and easy to use.❞


❝ This app works great. It gives accurate pass predictions and is fast and easy to use. Looking forward to their next app.❞


❝ This app is fabulous tracking the ISS. This app is really functional and very simple to operate and understand. Really impressed with the tracking, info, and live video of the earth from the ISS.❞


❝ This is a fantastic app for keeping tabs on when you can view the ISS. I had alerts set that popped up in my calendar with the perfect amount of lead time—without any real thinking or planning on my part. This app makes it easy.❞


❝ I’ve been using this app for about 3 years now, and have found it to be very precise and excellent.❞


❝ Love it! It's great. It's really accurate.❞


❝ Provides useful and accurate information and easy to use. I have used this many times to view the ISS. I like the extra information on each astronaut and adds to the enjoyment of seeing and knowing the specialities of the astronauts. Thanks again for providing this.❞


❝ Love this app. Great for tracking the ISS. You can not only times visible in your area, but also ratings of 1 to 4 stars on how visible it will be Love the live feed camera looking at earth.❞


❝ The best app available to track the International Space Station. I recommend it to all my friends!❞

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